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Risk Management and Outsourced
Chief Risk Officer Services

Banks, fintechs and other financial institutions face a wide range of risks including financial, operational and non-financial risks (e.g., compliance, legal, strategic, reputation, regulatory risk). If these risks are not properly and timely identified and mitigated, they may hinder the growth of the organization by making it impossible to achieve the strategic business objectives or lead to organizational failure.

Our specialized Risk Management team is comprised of industry specialists with combined decades of experience serving banks, fintechs and working with API providers. We are uniquely positioned to understand the risk management challenges facing fintechs and BaaS banks.

We help clients focus on the critical business risks affecting the accomplishment of organizational objectives and help them build appropriate risk management frameworks to timely identify, mitigate risk; and enhance control environments to ensure risk management serves as a means to create and protect value and build resilience.

We also provide Outsourced Chief Risk Officer services designed for startups and early stage fintechs looking to efficiently launch and grow their business without the added burden of hiring in-house risk management specialists. Outsourcing your Chief Risk Officer responsibilities to Bercla Consulting can help you grow with regulatory confidence. Our team helps fintechs so they can focus on client acquisition and growth while understanding the criticality of the risk management function.