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We advise fintechs and BaaS banks about the AML/CFT risks associated with their business, products, services, and clients

Fintech Due Diligence

We help fintechs looking to partner with banks in the U.S with their due diligence packages and ensure they are prepared

Regulatory Compliance

Fintechs and BaaS banks must ensure that their products and services comply with consumer protection laws.

Third Party Risk Management

The use of third-party vendors is essential in the BaaS ecosystem. However, while the use of third parties

Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer Services for fintechs.

The Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer services are designed for startups and early stage fintechs

Risk Management and Outsourced Chief Risk Officer Services

Our Risk Management team is comprised of industry experts with decades of experience serving banks, fintechs